The Disco is a building on the Fortnite Battle Royale map that can be found in Yonder Yard. The disco was introduced on May 1st in the v4.0 update and replaced the old Yonder Yard Hangar. The disco has the only dance floor in the game since the dance floors in the Forest house, Flush Factory and the Trailer park got removed.

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The Disco is a disco in Yonder Yard. The entrance of the building can be found on the south side of the disco. There are VIP ropes at the entrance. The entrance leads to the entrance hall. Connected to the hall is a small cage with doors that lead to the main hall. In the back of the hall is a DJ booth. At the sides of the hall are many couches and tables. On the left side of the hall is the bar. On the right side are two toilets. At the back of the hall, on either side are two doors that both lead to a small storage room. In both storage rooms are emergency exits. On the left and right side are two stairs that lead to a catwalk that goes around the walls of the disco. On the backside of the hall are more couches with tables. On this floor are four doors. Two lead to smaller roofs outside, another one leads to the upstairs storage and the last one leads to a small office. Above this floor is another floor with metal catwalks but this floor is inaccessible.

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