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Durrr Burger logo

The Durrr Burger logo.

Durrr Burger is a hamburger restaurant chain in Fortnite Battle Royale. The restaurant is a fast-food restaurant with a large menu that includes fries, chicken nuggets, various burgers, ice cream, milkshakes, coffee and more. The restaurant has two locations, the main location, Durrr Burger Greasy Grove in Greasy Grove and Durrr Burger Risky Reels in Risky Reels.

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File:Durrr Arena.jpg

Durrr Burger has many advertisements in the indoor soccer stadium, the Durrr Burger Arena in the sport park near Tilted Towers. Durrr Burger is the main sponsor of the Durrr Burger Arena. All of the advertising signs in the arena are filled with advertisements for Durrr Burger.

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