The Dusty Depot hangars are buildings all located in Dusty Depot. There are a total of two hangars all in Dusty Depot. There are three variants; the blue variant, the gray variant and the red variant but the blue hangar was destroyed in the v4.0 update from May 1st. The main materiall of all hangars is metal

Variants Edit

  • Gray (1x Dusty Depot)
  • Red (1x Dusty Depot)
  • Blue (0x removed in the v4.0 update from May 1st, previously at Dusty Depot)

Description Edit

The hangars are long hangars with two entrances that are always on the east and west side of the building. Inside the hangar are containers, shelves, boxes and pallets. The red hangar is still mostly intact. After the meteor hit just south of Dusty Depot the blue hangar was completely destroyed and the gray hangar was also badly damaged, The floor of most of the hangar has been destroyed, The metal roof is ripped open and the entire southern wall has been destroyed. Some containers that were in the hangar have fallen into the crater and can still be seen. The red hangar was slightly damaged by the meteor; There are some cracks in the walls and ceiling but the damage isn't as bad as the blue and gray hangar's damage.

Locations Edit

  • Dusty Depot (Gray)
  • Dusty Depot (Red)

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