The Gas station is a gas station owned by Pass 'n' Gas. The gas station can be found in seven different locations around the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Variants Edit

  • Default (2x)
  • Vending machine (4x)
  • Chest (1x Salty Springs)

Description Edit

The gas station is a simple gas station with four gas pumps and a store. Above the store and the rest of the gas station is a large roof. Inside the store are shelves, a (non-functioning) vending machine and a cash register. The chest variant, that can be found exclusively in Salty Springs also has a chest inside. The vending machine variant and the chest variant also has a vending machine on the side of the store.

Locations Edit

Default Edit

Vending machine Edit

Chest Edit

Loot Edit

Chests Edit

Only in the Chest variant that is exclusively found in Salty Springs a chest can be found in the left side of the store.

Floor loot Edit

In all variants there is one floor loot spawn in the store and two on the roof in opposite corners.

Vending machines Edit

In the Vending machine variant and in the Chest variant a vending machine can be found on the left side of the store.

Ammo box Edit

In all variants an ammo box can be found behind the cash register.

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