Pleasant Park is a named location on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. The location can be found in the northwest of the map, northwest of Loot Lake and southeast of Junk Junction in grids C3, C4, D3 and D4. The location was introduced in the v1.6 update on September 9th 2017. Pleasant park is a suburban area with a large park in its center.

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Pleasant Park has a large park in its middle. The south side of this park is a soccer field and the north side of the park has a shelter in its middle. On the south side of the soccer field is a small storage room, the Soccer shed. On the west side of the park are four houses. The one in the south is Treehouse. To the north of Treehouse is the Blue villa. To the north of the Blue villa is another blue building, the Blue house. And northmost building on the west side, Red house. The building in the center of the northern side of Pleasant Park is Tiny house. On the east side of the location are four buildings. The northmost of these four is the Balcony house. The second one, to the south of Balcony house, is the Gas station owned by Pass 'n' Gas. To the south of this gas station is the Basement house. The last building on the east side is Modern house.

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Pleasant aerial

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Pleasant new map

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Pleasant loot map

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