Risky Reels is a named location on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Risky Reels is a drive-in theater in the north of the map near Wailing Woods in grid H2. The location was introduced in the v4.0 update. The location can be seen in the Season 4 announce trailer.

Buildings Edit

  • Risky Reels canteen
  • Projector house
  • Check-in shed
  • Durrr Burger Risky Reels[1]

Description Edit

Risky Reels is a drive-in theater that has been damaged by a meteor. The meteor went through the screen from the south and then hit a couple of cars that were parked at the theater. UIA (Unnamed Investigation Agency) vehicles have showed up at the crater the meteor created. The terrain is surrounded by a wooden fence with an entrance at the west side. At this entrance a check-in shed can be found where cars are supposed to buy there ticket before entering the terrain. On the north side of the terrain a house can be found, the projector house. The projector can be found on the front of this house. On the east side of the terrain a canteen can be found. On the west side of the terrain, south of the check-in shed, a cafeteria can be found. This cafeteria is possibly a Durrr Burger but this can't be proven.[1] In the middle of the terrain is the parking lot with the crater in in the middle of it.

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