Treehouse is a building that can be found on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. The building can be found in Pleasant Park and Salty Springs. The building is a house that has been damaged by a tree that fell on it, hence the name; Treehouse.

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Treehouse has a first floor, a second floor, an attic on the second floor, a third floor attic and a basement. The first room behind the front door is the hall. In this hall are bookshelves and a couch. On the left side of this hall is a door that leads to a room with more bookshelves. On the right side of the hall is an arch that leads to the kitchen. The kitchen is connected to a small dining room. On the left side is also a staircase that leads up and downstairs. When going upstairs you will that there are no rooms that are accessible using the stairs. Behind the wall upstairs the large attic can be found. In this attic is a chest and many holes in the roof and flour. On top of the staircase, on the third floor is a smaller attic that also has a chest inside. In the basement are two rooms. The staircase ends at the main basement. Here a few boxes and a closet can be found. Connected to this room is a smaller room with mores boxes, bookshelves and a chest.

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