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Trump Tower Edit

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First floor Edit

The first floor of the building has Pizzeria Grandpa's on the southwest side of the building. The west side of the pizzeria has been ripped open by the meteor that hit The Chair Store store. The Pizzeria's entrance is on the north side. In the pizzeria there are two doors, one leads to the toilet and the other one leads to the kitchen. There is also an arch in the pizzeria which leads to a small hallway with a staircase and two doors. Behind the left door is a hall with two exits. The second door in the hallway leads to Bookstore McGuffin's. The store has two entrances; one on the east side and one on the north side of the building.

Second floor Edit

The staircase in the small hall leads to another hall with two doors and a continuation of the staircase. behind the left door is a room from where you have a view onto the main pizzeria. Behind the right door is the same thing but there is also a small office with a chest connected to it. There is also a previously secret room in the building. The room has been exposed after the meteor that hit close the the building partially damaged the wall separating the secret room from the pizzeria. This secret room has a chest in it and is located next to the first room with a view onto the main pizzeria.

Third floor Edit

On the third floor the staircase from the first and second floor ends. From this floor upwards there are no apartments or stores but just rooms that are still in the process of construction. The third floor has a partially open roof. This means that you can see the roof of the fourth floor at some spots. The third floor has two green metal staircases that lead up to the fourth floor. On the third floor is one pallet, a stack of boxes and a trolley.

Fourth floor Edit

The fourth floor is a partial floor. This means that not the entire building is covered with floor but some is left open. On this floor another staircase starts that leads to the remaining two floors. On the fourth floor are two pallets, one has a chest on top and the other one has an ammobox on top.

Fifth floor Edit

The fifth floor is another partial floor. On this floor is a pallet with an ammobox on top.

Sixth floor Edit

On this floor the staircase from floor four and floor five ends. On this floor is a table with a chest on top.

Roof Edit

The roof of the building has four machines in the middle. On the edges are 1.5 high walls with windows in some of them.

Locations Edit

Loot Edit

There is 4 chest spawns and there is a ton of floor loot

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