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The UIA Logo

UIA Fatal Fields

The UIA inspecting the crater near Fatal Fields.

The Unnamed Investigation Agency or UIA for short, is a government agency that is active on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Vehicles from the agency have appeared around the map after the v4.0 Update on May 1st. The agency owns a facility in the Main crater, Dusty Divot. The UIA seems to be inspecting the Glowing rock that can be found in the Main crater. UIA vehicles can also be seen inspecting all other craters created by the meteor with the notable exception of the small crater at the Motel. The UIA has shown up at the crater at the Main crater, The Chair Store store in Tilted Towers, the crater in the Prison, the crater near Fatal Fields, the crater in Risky Reels, the crater in the Western forest, the crater near the Race track and the crater near the Broken Castle.

Vehicles Edit

UIA Truck

A UIA truck in Dusty Divot

The UIA uses various vehicles to inspect craters or block off roads. The most common vehicle is the UIA car, these cars are always seen at craters. At many craters you can also find UIA trucks. Then there are also some vehicles that can only be found in Dusty Divot; there is a truck that transports robots, a UIA dumper and a UIA helicopter.

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